Stellar Honestly Discuss Why They Do the Sexy Concept

K-pop is very competitive, with tens of groups debuting each year, but only a few actually surviving past their first year and even fewer even getting within the top 20 on music charts. It might be even more difficult for girl groups, with very few options given to them in terms of concept and appeal. You either go sexy or cute, and with more groups going for the sexy, it’s now a competition of how much more provocative you can be, which can draw the ire of netizens and broadcasting censors.

Stellar is one girl group that has recently topped the headlines with their revealing new concept for their latest song, “Vibrato.” In an interview with local news source News1, four-member girl group opens up about their sexy concept choice and what they hope to achieve with the attention they get.

Stellar admits that they wear revealing clothes for the attention. Only then will they be called to perform and people will have a chance to see them, like them, and look up older songs from them. “If this is what we have to do for more people to know us, we’re okay with it.”

Stellar’s other controversial sexy concept was for the 2014 song “Marionette.” Since then, they released two other songs, “Mask” and “Fool,” which weren’t as sexy (“Fool” was a cute concept song), and those songs barely made a blip on the radar.

The interview reveals that the group’s agency went back and forth on deciding whether Stellar should do the sexy concept when they first considered it. Even the company’s president changed his mind the day after he first suggested it. But in the end, Stellar went ahead with the concept, which led to more calls for performances at various events.

Stellar describes how that after “Marionette,” they performed at a lot of events. The members worked hard, dancing in the rain and in the snow, the latter time during which they had to dance barefoot. They received letters from fans that said that they started liking the group after seeing them working so hard, which made the group very happy.

Stellar describes how when they debuted, their dreams were big, but they have faced reality since then. Their agency’s president told them that they will be given a one-week overseas vacation if their new song stays within Melon music charts’ top 20 for a week.

Stellar really wants that vacation, as well as the chance to stand on stage at a end-of-the-year awards show. Those are the dreams the group has as it endures the negative comments from netizens and critics. The “sexy concept” is only the top layer, the beginning of Stellar, and they hope the public gets to know more about them, look up their old songs, and give them a chance.

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