Baek Jong Won Temporarily Leaves “My Little Television”

Baek Jong Won, the CEO of The Born Korea and celebrity chef, will be leaving “My Little Television” temporarily.

The producers of “My Little Television” said that “In respecting Baek Jong Won’s wishes, we have agreed that he will not be present at this week’s filming, which happens today, July 26.” They added, “As of now, it is a temporary arrangement, and he may come back in the future.”

Baek Jong Won’s temporary departure is speculated to have stemmed from his recent personal troubles. His father, Baek Seung Tak, who was a minister of education in Choongnam province, was alleged to have sexually harrassed a female caddie at a golf course. While Baek Seung Tak denies these allegations, the police plan to suggest that the Prosecutor’s Office indict him.

The producers have previously said, “Even though our cast really try to prepare themselves before each filming, it is very hard to describe the shock they go through, as they face malicious comments in front of a camera.” They have asked the viewers to refrain from making malicious comments.

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