All-Star Lineup Including Lee Sun Hee and EXO Revealed for “I Am Korea”

This year marks 70th anniversary of Korean independence from Japanese occupation, and “I Am Korea,” a large music festival to celebrate the occasion, is less than a month away, armed with a dazzling all-star lineup.

So far, the confirmed stars to perform in the show include Lee Sun Hee and “1945 Choir” (Korean independence was achieved in 1945), Lee Seung Chul, Kim Yuna and “Yuna Choir,” god, EXO, Cho Young Nam, and more. Members of the congress will also form a choir with Cho Young Nam, and the vendors of Noryangjin Fish Market have also formed a choir to perform in this national-scale festival.

“I Am Korea” will take place on August 15, in the World Cup Stadium. If you want to take part in it, you can apply at “I Am Korea” website.

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