Minguk Shares His Candy With Everyone on “Superman Returns”

Minguk, son of Song Il Gook, has really demonstrated the spirit of giving, earning the nickname of Ming Angel.

On the July 26 episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook takes his triplets camping. On this day, Song Il Gook eats some curry ramen for breakfast, and then walks into the forest while the triplets are still eating because he decides to hide some snacks for a treasure hunt.

When Song Il Gook tells the triplets that he has hidden some snack-treasures, the triplets go into the forest, even holding magnifying glasses.

Daehan finds a treasure first, and Minguk succeeds in finding one with candies in it as well.


Minguk shares his candy with Manse, who hasn’t found anything yet.


Minguk then looks at the VJ who’s filming him, and gives him a candy as well.

You can watch the rest of their treasure hunt on this week’s episode of “Superman Returns”!

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