SM Entertainment Takes Further Action to Block Tao’s Solo Music Video From YouTube

Tao (Huang Zitao) recently had his Chinese solo music video blocked from YouTube due to a copyright claim by SM Entertainment, and now the agency is taking further steps to block other copies of the music video from the site.

Tao has launched solo activities in China after leaving his group EXO without reaching an agreement with SM Entertainment. On July 23, he released a solo album titled “T.A.O.” At the same time, he also uploaded a music video for the title track on YouTube and other websites.

However, “T.A.O” currently cannot be viewed on YouTube due to a copyright claim by SM Entertainment.

According to Star News, SM Entertainment will now be making requests for re-uploaded versions of Tao’s music video to be blocked on YouTube. This is because Tao is still bound to his contract with SM Entertainment.

Tao implied that he planned to leave EXO last April and opened up his own workshop in China. At the time, SM Entertainment said, “We are talking with Tao in order to find a constructive direction.”

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