Ha Jung Woo Reveals He Failed Auditions as a Rookie Because of the Visual Trend

Actor Ha Jung Woo was interviewed on the July 26 episode of “Section TV.” On this episode, Ha Jung Woo talks about his rookie years.

Ha Jung Woo reveals that he debuted on an ice cream commercial in 1998. Debuted, in technical terms, he explains, saying, “In the commercial, you can only see half of me. Most of it is just my hands.”

He also confesses that he had failed in numerous auditions, because of how he looks: “In my opinion, my face did not fit with the trends of 2000s. Back then, ‘flower boys,’ men who look young and feminine, were the trend.”

The interviewer, then says that Ha Jung Woo now falls in the category of “good-looking men.” He replies, in his characteristic joking manner, “I am aware of that,” and “Everything’s about timing.”

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