BEAST’s Doojoon and Yoseob Are One in Their Love for B2UTY

Doojoon and Yoseob of BEAST show why they’re best friends in the preview clip for their upcoming travel show, “Let’s Eat With My Friend.”

In the clip, Doojoon, Yoseob, Park Hee Bon, and Seo Hyun Jin are interviewed by the show’s staff as they wait at the airport. When Doojoon is asked what is the appeal of travel, he answers that it is the freedom. Yoseob casually throws out that it is the “challenge,” so Seo Hyun Jin asks him exactly a challenge of what. Yoseob thinsk for a while before he says, “It’s a new challenge for myself.” Doojoon shows his support for Yoseob’s philosophical answer with a little exclamation.

When Yoseob adds that “Travel is courage,” Seo Hyun Jin can’t bear the cheesiness of his response anymore. She comments that the whole BEAST team must be like this; when she had said to Doojoon that she will introduce him to a girlfriend, Doojoon had said his fans were his girlfriends.

Yoseob agrees with Doojoon’s response, saying that he said the right thing. The two “cheesy” friends then look at the camera to say, “Of course, You guys are our girlfriends.” Doojoon takes it further by asking, “When I am lonely, who comforts me?” Both answer, pointing at the camera, “You guys!”

Source: YouTube/tvN

Source: YouTube/tvN

Park Hee Bon and Seo Hyun Jin’s faces say it all- these guys are the king of cheese. And that’s why B2UTYs love them.

let's eath with my friend park hee bon seo hyun jin

Watch the clip below.

“Let’s Eat With My Friend” is a variety show spin-off from the drama “Let’s Eat 2” which starred Doojoon and Seo Hyun Jin. They bring their friends Yoseob and Park Hee Bon to travel with them to Spain to try different types of food. Kim Ji Hoon and Kim Hee Jung also join them in their travel. The show premieres August 5.