Wonder Girls to Hold First Comeback Stage on “M!Countdown”

Wonder Girls, now a four-member band, will make their comeback on “M!Countdown,” according to an employee of JYP Entertainment.

This is their first appearance in a music broadcast in three years, and they will also make appearances on “Music Bank” and “Music Core.”

Their third full album, “Reboot,” features the four members of the group as members of a band, signalling a new challenge for the four girls. From the teaser image, it seems that they will be playing a retro-style music.

Sunmi will play the bass guitar, Yubin will be the drummer, Hyerim will play the guitar, and Yeeun will play the keyboard. With the exception of the title song, the members have been involved in the lyrics and the songs.

Wonder Girls will release the music for “Reboot” and hold a showcase on August 3. Their first appearance on “M!Countdown” will be on August 6.

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