PSY Will Be Coming Back with a New Single Soon

PSY, of the worldwide hit song “Gangnam Style” will be releasing a new song soon.

The singer’s management agency, YG Entertainment, said on July 28, “PSY has been working, while fighting against the burden of having become a world star. He is finishing up producing a new song, and while we have not decided on a release date, it will be very soon.”

In 2012, “Gangnam Style” was a worldwide hit, and after the release of “Gentleman” and “Hangover,” PSY has taken a break, possibly from the stress of meeting the expectations of millions of fans. In fact, he had planned to release his new song, “Daddy,” and even filmed a music video, but ultimately decided not to release it.

He had confessed at his concert that he hopes to forget that he was ever a world star, and that he’ll be able to release a very PSY-like song. He had decided to participate in many university festivals, just like he used to before he achieved his fame through “Gangnam Style.” Close sources said, “He wrote a song that he is happy with, and that feels like PSY. He plans to release it in Korea first.”

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