“Top Band 3” to Begin in October; Auditions Happening Soon!

On July 28, KBS announced that “Top Band 3” will be airing in October and finish in December. The broadcasting station also introduced some changes made to the show since the last season.

In season 3, auditions will be open to not only just bands, but also to any musicians (vocalists, guitarists, drummers, etc) without a band. They will be able to form project groups to compete, once they make it through initial auditions. Bands already signed with entertainment agencies will also be able to enter.

Instead of 20 episodes like last season, this season will feature only 12 episodes, to increase the pace.

If you want to be a part of “Top Band 3,” registrations for auditions will be open starting August 3, through internet portal sites in which the participants are asked to film a video clip of their performance (either as a band or as an individual) and upload it.

Are you excited to see this show coming back?

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