Girls’ Generation Tiffany Teases Yuri With Her Answer to a Baseball Question

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany teased her bandmate Yuri by mentioning her boyfriend’s name on air.

On the July 28 episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” each of the Girls’ Generation members reveal their individual channels, which contain their unique charms and tastes.

On the same show, the members were asked to answer a question about baseball, and without even hearing the question, Tiffany answers quietly, “Oh Seung Hwan.” Oh Seung Hwan is a professional baseball player who also happens to be dating Yuri.

Yuri is extremely embarrassed and demands, “Why do you pick on me whenever we talk about baseball?” and her bandmate YoonA helps her by saying, “Because you’ve thrown a lot of first pitches.”

Meanwhile, “Channel Girls’ Generation” is a reality program with all eight members of Girls’ Generation. The girls will produce their own content with topics that they chose themselves.


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