BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon Barely Succeeds With Aegyo on “Weekly Idol”

Although Yoon Doojoon cringed at the thought of aegyo, he successfully melted the many hearts of his fans when performing the given task on this week’s episode of “Weekly Idol.”

On the July 29 episode of MBC Everyone “Weekly Idol,” BEAST appeared as guests on the show to promote their new album “Ordinary.”

In this episode, the MCs had a special corner called the “Great Challenge Beast, 99 Seconds” in which Beast had to complete certain tasks within 99 seconds. When asked to show their aegyo, Yoon Doojoon was extremely hesitant unlike groupmate Yang Yoseob who is an aegyo machine.

Doojoon just barely succeeded in performing the challenge; however, because the members were unable to finish the mission in 99 seconds, Doojoon ended up receiving the punishment anyway.

Meanwhile, BEAST will be beginning their promotions on July 30 on Mnet’s “M!Countdown.”

What did you think of Doojoon’s aegyo? Do you see a bright future, or should he just leave the aegyo to Yoseob?

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