2NE1’s “Come Back Home” Director Addresses Accusations of Plagiarism Against Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” MV

The July 29 broadcast of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” addressed the accusations of plagiarism involving 2NE1′s “Come Back Home” music video.

Previously, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video was accused of plagiarizing 2NE1’s music video due to some screenshots depicting similar scenes. The director of Taylor Swift’s music video, Joseph Kahn, denied the accusations on his Twitter account.

“One Night of TV Entertainment” sought out the director of 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” music video and asked her about her thoughts on the plagiarism controversy. Director Shin Dong Geul commented, “The angles were similar, but I don’t think it is plagiarism. We also borrowed content from Hollywood science fiction movies. Rather than plagiarism, it feels like watching a similar movie.”

One Night of TV Entertainment 2NE1 Taylor Swift Plagiarism Controversy

What are your thoughts on the two music videos?

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