BEAST Says Yoon Doojoon Is Always Losing His Stuff on “Cultwo Show”

On July 30’s episode of SBS Power FM‘s popular radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” the members of BEAST talk about just how absentminded their leader Yoon Doojoon can be.

Yoon Doojoon himself first says that he has a habit of losing his stuff. This surprises the hosts, because as the leader of BEAST he has to take care of the other members, and yet he claims to not be able to take care of his own things. However, the other members back him up and agree that he’s totally forgetful.

Yoon Doojoon admits, “I recently lost my tablet PC.” Lee Gikwang adds, “We always have to take care of his stuff,” and Son Dongwoon says, “He leaves his phone behind every single day. It’s my job to take care of it for him.”

Yet Yong Junhyung points out that Yoon Doojoon doesn’t seem to dwell on the things he lost. “Even when he loses something he just says, ‘Oh well, I used it a lot,'” he says. Yoon Doojoon admits, “I’ve always been like that. I’m shy and I tend to bottle things up, so I have to act cool.”

When asked what item he was the most upset about losing, he answers, “It was a shame that I lost all of the items, but the worst was my mp3 player. When I was a trainee, I had worked hard to save up my allowance and bought an expensive one.”


BEAST is currently promoting their song “YeY” off their new mini-album “Ordinary.”

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