Jinwoon and Hyosung Join Hands to Sing Romantic Theme Song for “Law of the Jungle”

An exclusive report by TV Report has revealed that Jinwoon of 2AM and Hyosung of Secret are teaming up to lend their voices to the theme song of SBS’ “Law of the Jungle.” Jinwoon and Hyosung are currently appearing in the ‘Hidden Kingdom’ special of the variety show.

On August 4, a broadcast official shared with TV Report, “Jung Jinwoon and Jeon Hyosung will be singing ‘Fall Instinctively’ (tentative English title) based on ‘Law of the Jungle.’”

“Fall Instinctively” is said to be a sweet and romantic love song that draws out the idea that “Law of the Jungle” is all about instinct, in the same way that love happens instinctively.

The broadcast official also explained, “This new song is written by Jinwoon and Hyosung. There is a sweet atmosphere that is reminiscent of Junggigo and Soyu’s ‘Some.’”

The two singers have already wrapped up recording in the studio and the song is expected to hit the air as the theme song starting with this week’s episode of “Law of the Jungle.”

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