Gary Recounts His Unforgettable First Meeting With Lee Kwang Soo on “Healing Camp”

Gary recently graced the stage of SBSHealing Camp,” and, much to the surprise and delight of the audience, Asia’s prince Lee Kwang Soo joined him for the tail end of the show.

On the show, Lee Kwang Soo comes out and, although extremely honored by his reception, expresses his nervousness, saying that he’s really not good at speaking, and often speaks slowly, on top of not really being very talkative to begin with.

Gary sums it up nicely for his friend, saying that what Lee Kwang Soo wants to say is that on variety shows, he is depicted as a very fun and outgoing person, but his real personality is not like that.

gary lee kwang soo healing camp

Gary mentions the first time he met Lee Kwang Soo. “It was the first meeting of ‘Running Man’ cast members: Haha, me, and Kwang Soo. We said, ‘Hey, since we’re going to be doing a variety show together, let’s get to know each other,’ and we started to drink.”

“We had way too much,” says Gary, “and then we all went to Haha’s place and slept.” He says they had plans to wake up the next morning and hang out again. The next morning though, Gary had quite the surprise waiting for him.

lee kwang soo gary healing camp

“The side doors of my car were covered in puke. Even the ceiling was covered in it. I said to Kwang Soo that he should have just told me,” says Gary. Lee Kwang Soo responds that he was too careful and couldn’t say anything. “He’s that shy,” says Gary.

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