Gary Explains Why He Criticized Rappers Appearing on Variety Shows

Gary and Lee Kwang Soo were the second guests on the August 3 episode of “Healing Camp – 500 People.” In the new format of “Healing Camp,” one guest debates against 500 viewers, including the MC Kim Jae Dong.

On this day, one of the viewers asked Gary about a previous comment of his, saying “Seven years ago, [Gary] had said in a festival that he does not understand why rappers go on variety shows, but he does variety shows now.”

Gary responded, “I used to be very rebellious, and I used to hate everything. I used to lock eyes with every passerby to provoke them, and I complained about everything in the world.” He continued, “While I was working on my first album, I locked myself in my house. When I saw rappers on TV, I used to think, ‘I’m having such a hard time, and they’re having such an easy time making money.’ I was jealous and rebellious. But when I actually started appearing on variety shows, I realized how hard people work to be on them, and I changed my mind.”

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