G-Dragon Told Kwanghee to Stay at Home Instead of Coming to His Show?

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon revealed that Kwanghee of ZE:A offered to come to his group’s V App live broadcast to show support, but that he had rejected his offer.

He said, “When Kwanghee offered to come here, I was a bit surprised.” He continued, “I told him, it’s our broadcast and not yours, so [Kwanghee] does not need to be there. I told him to watch our show at home,” leading to a round of loud laughter.


On this day, the members of BIGBANG said, “We hope to promote our songs mainly in Korea. We have not been able to pay too much attention to our Korean fans because of our world tour, but now we’ll be much better. We were very sad to miss out on many Korean stages, and we will work even harder to show our appreciation.”

They also revealed their new song “Let’s Not Fall in Love” and GD&TOP’s “Zutter.”

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