G-Dragon Now Stresses Over His Rap Lyrics Because of “Show Me the Money 4”

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon confessed that because of “Show Me the Money 4,” he now spends a lot more time thinking about his lyrics.

On August 4, Naver V App aired “BIGBANG Countdown Live,” filmed at YG Entertainment‘s office.

On this day, while talking about their new song “Zutter,” G-Dragon said, “I’ve written rap lyrics for a long time, but these days, I keep going over them again. Because rap lyrics have become a topic of controversy on a certain show, I look over each line again and again..” Seungri adds, “It is ‘Show Me the Money 4.’ I used the same car with Ji Yong when we are overseas, and I saw him thinking about the lyrics a lot, when he used to not worry about them.”

At midnight of August 4, BIGBANG’s fourth album,”E,” of the “MADE” series was revealed, which contains GD&TOP‘s “Zutter” and BIGBANG’s “Let’s Not Fall in Love.”

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