[BREAKING] Song Seung Hun Dating Chinese Actress Liu Yifei

On August 5, Chinese reports claimed that former co-stars Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei (Crystal Liu) are dating. They previously appeared as lovers in the film “Third Love.”

The reports also revealed photos of the couple and claimed that they also visited the actress’ vacation home and met her family.

These photos show the actors outside and inside of a vehicle:

Song Seung Hun Liu Yifei Paparazzi Photo

Song Seung Hun Car Paparazzi

Liu Yifei Car Paparazzi

The following photos show their vehicle entering the actress’ vacation home as well as the actress with her family members:

Song Seung Hun Liu Yifei Vacation Home

Liu Yifei Family

The pair are 11 years apart in age with Song Seung Hun being 39 and Liu Yifei being 28.

Meanwhile, the actor’s agency has confirmed their relationship after checking with the actor. They stated, “After finishing filming they were unable to see each other often, but they kept in touch and started their relationship. Please look after them positively.”

They continued, “It is untrue that they have met each other’s parents. They have not spoken about marriage yet.”

Do you ship them as a real-life couple?

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