BTS to Host a Special “Fantastic Four” Premiere for Their Fans

BTS will host a special movie premiere for the movie “Fantastic Four” with their fans, keeping their promise that they would do so if they received first place on music shows. Back in April, the group had promised that they would rent out an entire movie theater to watch a movie with their fans.

As they were able to achieve first place on various music shows with their song “I NEED U,” they decided to hold this special movie premiere on August 12 before the official Korean release of the film on August 20. It is definitely great to see BTS keeping their promise, especially when they are so busy with their world tour!

The movie “Fantastic Four” collaborated with Rap Monster, who used this movie as inspiration to write and compose the song “Fantastic.” He also co-produced the song with various famous producers.

Meanwhile, BTS is in the middle of their “BTS Live Trilogy Episode II. The Red Bullet” tour.

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