“Cheese in the Trap” Continues to Fill in Supporting Cast

More casting news for the upcoming tvN drama “Cheese in the Trap.”

After news of Nam Joo Hyuk’s casting, there is more confirmation for the roles of the other supporting characters.

Actor Kim Ki Bang and Lee Woo Dong (left to right in the picture below) have been cast as a gay couple, playing the roles of Gong Joo Yong and Heo Yoon Seob, respectively. Gong Joo Yong is Hong Seol’s (Kim Go Eun) neighbor and longtime acquaintance of Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin). Heo Yoon Seob is Hong Seol’s and Yoo Jung’s senior at their university. Gong Joo Yong and Heo Yoon Seob are engaged in a secret affair, keeping their relationship from society, family, and friends.

Kim Ki Bang Lee Woo Dong

Actors Moon Ji Yoon, Kim Hee Chan, and Ji Yoon Ho (left to right in the picture below) also join the cast. Moon Ji Yoon will play the role of Kim Sang Chul, fellow schoolmate of Yoo Jung, and is described as someone who likes to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses. Kim Hee Chan plays the role of Hong Joon, Hong Seol’s younger brother, who has a cute and friendly personality. Ji Yoon Ho will play the role of Oh Young Gon, described as a player and plays a critical role in Yoo Jung and Hong Seol’s relationship.

Moon Ji Yoon, Kim Hee Chan, Ji Yoon Ho

“Cheese in the Trap” is expected to premiere in December on tvN.

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