T-ara Talks About Their Hardships, Korean Fans, and Latest Comeback in Candid Interview

T-ara conducted an interview just before their first comeback stage at a waiting room.

Needless to say, they were very excited to be back, with Eunjung saying “We have spent so much time in China, and not enough time in Korea, so we missed our Korean fans. We’re nervous because we haven’t had too much time to prepare, but we received more attention than we hoped for, so we’re very happy.”

Soyeon continued, “I love the song ‘So Crazy.’ It was supposed to go to a different team, but eventually it came to us, and I think it suits us really well.”

However, the interview soon took a turn towards their ongoing hardship with the public that started since Hwayoung left the team, due to the rumors of bullying.

Eunjung said, “We thought about suing the netizens who keep posting malicious comments, because some of them are really hurtful, not only to us, but also to our families. But we really wanted to be able to say that we won, instead of resorting to the others. I only wish that there was a way for our families to not see the malicious comments, because now we are used to them, but our families are not.”

Soyeon continued, “It hurts us too, but we’re going to try to persevere, although we keep wondering if we should get some help from the law. But so far, we’re surviving.”

Soyeon also said, “I can’t help but feel that the good songs are now wasted on us, because the Korean public doesn’t love us anymore. I think that the song would have been loved by everyone if we had released it before the incident. I hope that people can at least love our song without any prejudice. It is so hard to place first on the charts now, and we were already so excited when we were placed 39th, and we screamed.”

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