Recap: 6 Moments from the KCON LA Concerts We Thoroughly Enjoyed

In case moving to the famed Staples Center is not enough of an indication for you, this year’s KCON was bigger, better, boasting a line-up of 10 acts that come from opposite ends of the K-pop spectrum, from power rookies Monsta X to practiced veterans Shinhwa.

These ten artists – Monsta X, GOT7SISTARRoy KimSuper Junior, Block B, AOAZion T./Crush, Shinhwa – share a commonality: each has waited their turn to stand bullseye on the grand stage, each has looked out to thousands upon thousands of avid fans, each has taken a bow, hand-in-hand, fueled by the fans’ endless cheering.

KCON was a weekend to remember, but made even better by the intricate details the artists carefully sprinkled into their respective sets.

Here, we break it all down – read on for epic dance battles, smooth collaborations, and better yet, a nostalgic trip down the memory lane.

kcon15la got7 monstax

GOT7 and Monsta X Face-off

From making an unexpected entrance through the seated audience on the lower levels to matching black/white and red outfits, GOT7 and Monsta X’s dance battle on the first night of KCON LA reunited the groups briefly on stage after their respective sets in one of the biggest crowd-pleasers the stage has seen to date.

Thirteen boys on stage, dancing? What’s not to love? In a seven to six face-off (minus Jackson), the boys brought on the heat to some English classics such as DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What,” and Chris Brown’s “X,” rousing loud, deserving cheers from the audience.

kcon15la Kim Soo Hyun

The Mysterious Appearance of Kim Soo Hyun

Aside from appearing briefly on the red carpet on the second day of KCON festivities, Kim Soo Hyun was pointedly missing from public meet-and-greets come KCON weekend. Turns out it was all a plan to build up to a grand reveal when the actor opened up the second day of concerts with a stirring speech, cheered on endlessly by fan girls and boys alike.

We’re just a tad disappointed Kim Soo Hyun didn’t utter KCON’s tagline, “Ignite Your Feelz.” We would’ve paid good money to see that.

kcon15la suju shinhwa

Throwback Groups With Throwback Songs

Shinhwa performing “T.O.P?” Super Junior performing “Twins?” Both days of concerts were made complete with a touch of nostalgia when the groups bring us back to the good ol’ years with a walk down memory lane. Fortunately, Super Junior and Shinhwa didn’t leave much time for the audience to reminisce and become teary-eyed, jumping straight into their respective sets.

Both veteran groups, though each originating from different eras of K-pop, are there to remind us that they’ve still got it, making sure to pair each set with newest singles “Devil” (Super Junior) and “Sniper”(Shinhwa).

kcon15la roy kim zion t crush

A Different Vibe

In a line-up heavy with idol groups, Zion T., Crush and Roy Kim did more than an admiral job of creating a refreshing change of pace from the usual pop refrains. Two armed with hip-hop mechanics and the other with soft acoustics, the three set out to win over the crowd with hit singles like “Yanghwa BRDG” and “Love Love Love.”

Both stages also gave birth to smooth collaborations with Red Velvet’s Wendy, AOA’s Jimin, and Block B’s Zico for Zion T. and Crush, and SISTAR’s Soyu for a lovely duet of Jason Mraz’s “Lucky” with Roy Kim. Of course, these were just icing on top of the cake as both artists garnered loud cheers in their own right!

kcon15la sistar aoa red velvet

Girls, Girls, Girls

The ladies of Red Velvet, AOA, and SISTAR took the spotlight this year as the female representatives of K-pop. From perfect renditions of “Ice Cream Cake,” “Like a Cat” and “Ma Boy” to brightly colored outfits that shimmered with every move, the girl groups come out big this year, excited fans in the audience chanting to every word of every song.

Of course, the nights were made even better when one member from each group turned up the heat in collaboration stages with Roy Kim and Zion T. and Crush. Plus one for the ladies!

kcon15la blockb

The One Where Block B Goes Crazy

Perhaps the group with, dare I say, the most swagger and energy, Block B leapt and bounded across the stage to perform iconic hits like “Very Good” and “NalinA.” While other groups tended to stick firmly to their choreography during certain songs, Block B adopted a more carefree routine in their performances, riling up and feeding off the energy of the willing crowd to make for a more exciting show. Bonus: Watching Zico dominate the stage with “Tough Cookie” was a treat. Pun intended.

Were you at KCON 2015? Share your thoughts on the concerts below! If you haven’t already, be sure to also catch some pretty faces in our red carpet coverage, and stay tuned for KCON interviews and more!

All photos courtesy of KCON. Check out the next few pages for more photos of the performances.

kcon15la kimsoohyun

Kim Soo Hyun

kcon15la super junior mix

Super Junior

kcon15la blockB mix

Block B

kcon15la AOA mix


kcon15la shinhwa mix


kcon15la got7 mix


kcon15la sistar mix


kcon15la red velvet mix

Red Velvet

kcon15la zion t crush jimin mix

Zion T & Crush

kcon15la roy kim mix

Roy Kim

kcon15la monsta x

Monsta X

kcon15la finale mix


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