VOTE! Who Is The Sexiest Girl Group in K-Pop?

When reading my posts, it becomes pretty obvious that I’m a die-hard fan of guy groups in the K-pop world. Artists like Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee and BTS are all at the top of my playlist. In recent years however, I have also become a true fan of some of the girl groups out there. If you were lucky enough to have attended Kcon L.A. this past weekend, you will have witnessed some super sexy dances from some of my favorite girl group singers! It was after watching people like the insanely sexy Hyolyn and seeing the special stage of the very hot Jimin of AOA, that the question came to mind- which of these girls are truly the sexiest? Let’s consider the facts before we, “VOTE! Who Is The Sexiest Girl Group in K-Pop?”


Girl’s Day is a group that can transition smoothly from sweet to sexy, all within one performance. With the music video “Something,” they showed one of their sexiest sides yet with a sensual dance and sultry melody. The group gained immense exposure due to the song and thus solidified their position as of one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop.




Another girl group who has grown sexier over the years, 4Minute’s position as one of the hottest groups in K-pop is partially because they have HyunA as one of their members. Undoubtedly one of the sexiest women in K-pop, this powerhouse diva never fails to heat up the stage with her performances. However, her fellow members are also gorgeous, talented, and sexy, as evidenced by the video “Volume Up.”




One of my favorite girl groups on the list, AOA brought sexy to a new level with their performance in “Miniskirt.” As a matter of fact, part of their teasing and sensual dance moves were deemed inappropriate and banned by one music show. This girl group is so sexy that they have even become the favorite group of other celebrities. Super Junior‘s Heechul, for example, is a known fan and was recently spotted in the crowd during the 2nd night of Kcon L.A. for the performance of AOA.




These talented and beautiful girls suddenly caught the attention of the entire K-pop world with the release of their MV “Marionette.” Although they had enjoyed a relatively successful career before then, it was their extremely sexual moves that garnered the attention of fans and critics alike. The original video was toned down for live performances but is still touted as one of the sexiest dances in K-pop.




Another girl group that suddenly caught the attention of the K-pop world due to their sexy moves was EXID. Although the girls debuted several years ago, they did not reach a level of immense popularity until a fan-cam of their member Hani suddenly went viral. In the wake of the attention, fans soon realized that the group had great, catchy songs and endless talent that went far beyond their sexy dances in “Up and Down.”




With all of these gorgeous, beautiful women, it’s obvious that After School would make the list of one of K-pop’s sexiest girl groups! In their beautiful MV “First Love,” their athleticism and graceful moves impressed both fans and non-fans alike. Showing that sexy doesn’t always have to be sexual, they took pole-dancing (a type of dance that many people would generally condemn as trashy) and turned it into art.




Perhaps the most quintessential sexy group in K-pop, SISTAR has an almost lethal combination of talent, confidence, sensual dance moves and killer bodies! In their newest MV “Shake It,” they show how to be sexy while still having fun and being a little quirky. Apart from being sexy though, this girl group also has some of the strongest vocals in Korea, a fact which has gained them numerous fans throughout the international K-pop community.




This is one girl group that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of sexiness and dive head first into being sexual. For their recent song “Wiggle Wiggle, these gorgeous girls filmed a music video full of sexual innuendo and close up shots of their toned physiques. The video was rated 19+ and had to be toned down immensely for broadcast on all the music shows. Whether you are one of their fans or one of their critics, there is still no denying that these girls are sexy!




When thinking of sexy girl groups, Girls’ Generation might not be one of the groups that first comes to mind for many fans. However, these beautiful girls show that you don’t have to be overly sexual to be sexy! In one of their newest music videos “Catch Me If You Can,” they show that they can still hold their own against other girl groups who generally have a more sexy concept.




Miss A is another powerhouse girl group that can perfectly tackle a variety of concepts ranging from cute and quirky to incredibly sexy. Despite the success of fun, upbeat numbers like “I Don’t Need a Man” or “Breathe,” these young artists have also provided K-pop with some very sexy moments in videos like “Hush.” No matter what though, they always know how to keep it classy at the same time.




Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, and the same can be said of music genres as well. 2NE1 pulls off sexy in the fiercest way possible- with an overabundance of confidence, talent, beauty, and amazing music. In their videos like “I Am The Best,” their girl-power music and flashy style comes together for their own brand of hotness. What says “sexy” better than women who are so confident in themselves?




Whether T-ara is promoting the cutesy melody and lyrics of songs like “Bo Peep Bo Peep” or their fun and funky song “So Crazy,” the members always shine through with their sexy sensuality. Their slight edge is part of what has made them so popular in Japan. As a matter of fact, when they were first signed to make their Japanese debut, they became the highest paid Korean girl group by a Japanese company. Since then, the girls have steadily produced one hit after another, including the song “Number Nine.”




One of the original girl groups to first do the sexy concept, Brown Eyed Girls showed off their hot dance moves during the famously sexy “Kill Bill. The fact that they can pull off the sexy concept is due in part to one of their members being so incredibly sexy. Ga In is one of the most famous K-pop singers for pushing the boundaries with sexy dance moves, so it should come as no surprise that her other members are equally sexy as well.




The girls of Secret are all incredibly beautiful and talented, but they are all super sexy as well! In one of my favorite Secret songs “Poison,” they combine beautiful, vintage-inspired costumes and set with modern, Beyonce-inspired dance moves. Their fierce choreography and strong popping makes for an unusual combination among K-pop girl groups, showing why they are one of the industry’s longest-running female groups.




After an initial debut featuring an R&B sound, Kara soon found their footing with a cute and playful image. Touted as having a “pretty but natural” appeal, the group has enjoyed immense popularity in both South Korean and Japanese markets. Despite their cute image, they have also shown that they are not afraid to be sexy. Several years ago, their famous “butt dance” went viral and became their trademark dance. In more recent years, songs like “Mamma Mia” became hits for the girls as well.


After the pictures and videos from all these gorgeous, sexy girl groups, the time has finally arrived to “VOTE! Who Is The Sexiest Girl Group in K-Pop?” You can choose up to three groups. Did we forget another super sexy girl group? If so, let us know in the comment section below!

UPDATE: After 25,000 votes, the poll is officially closed! Soompi readers voted Sistar as the “Sexiest Girl Group in K-pop.” Second and third place went to Miss A and Secret! Were you surprised by the results? Thanks for participating!

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