Lee Kwang Soo Can’t Take His Eyes Off of Song Ji Hyo’s Dress: “It’s Really Skin!”

On August 9, the episode of SBSRunning Man” took the theme of “Actress Casting Survival.” In accordance with the theme of the episode, regular “Running Man” member Song Ji Hyo gets dressed up more than usual, in a black dress with open sides.

song ji hyo lee kwang soo running man

Lee Kwang Soo expresses surprise and amazement, and says to Song Ji Hyo, “Wow, you’re really different.” Even after his initial surprise, however, Lee Kwang Soo can’t take his eyes off of Song Ji Hyo, who says, “He’s looking at me with really weird eyes!”

lee kwang soo song ji hyo running man

Explaining himself, Lee Kwang Soo says, “No, I thought she was wearing nude-colored clothes, but it’s really skin!”

At this, the announcer jokes, “Lee Kwang Soo, there are a lot of reporters here, so if you could please restrain yourself.”

The guests for this episode of “Running Man” are actresses Cha Ye Ryun and Lee Yo Won.

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