Billboard Gives Highest Praise to SHINee’s “Married to the Music”

Billboard gave the highest accolades to SHINee‘s “Married to the Music.” In a recent August 6 article, K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin says, “SHINee’s most recent album may have been titled ‘Odd,’ but the boy band waited until the LP’s repackage to get really weird.” The writer goes on to describe the amazing amalgamation of sounds that makes up SHINee’s latest, including “what initially sounds like a beatbox-heavy, hip-hop sound before flipping to a sexy, bouncy electronic beat on the verses until we get to a funk-inspired chorus that mixes in horn blasts, groovy guitar strums and classic boy-band harmonies.”

Jeff Benjamin adds that it’s difficult to label the song as any one genre, and declares that the ambiguity is what makes for “the best kinds of K-Pop tracks.” In addition, he describes the music video as a bit horror film-like and “a little Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque.” Regarding the group’s choice of style, despite the time left until Halloween season, the writer explains that Korea traditionally releases horror-themed content in the summer, since horror content is supposed to give you the chills, thus helping you beat the summer heat.

Can you think of any other awesome K-pop tracks that really toe the line between different genres?

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