“Running Man” Is Lee Yo Won’s First Variety Show Appearance in 16 Years

Actress Lee Yo Won revealed that she has not been on a variety show in 16 years, and that “Running Man” is her first appearance in 16 years, shocking everyone.

This revelation came on the August 9 episode of “Running Man,” whose theme was “Casting Actresses – Survival.” The guests were Lee Yo Won and Cha Ye Ryun. On their appearance, the members of “Running Man” remarked that they don’t remember seeing Lee Yo Won on a variety show, asking if it was her first appearance. Lee Yo Won responded that “I used to be on variety shows, when I was a high school student. I did variety shows just after I debuted.”

Lee Yo Won appeared to be amazed by “Running Man,” saying that “I watch a lot of variety shows at home.”

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