Lee Seo Eon Trolls His Father on “Superman Returns”

Lee Seo Eon trolled his father Lee Hwi Jae on the August 9 episode of “Superman Returns.” On this episode, Lee Hwi Jae asked Seo Eon, “Do you love daddy?” To Lee Hwi Jae’s shock, Seo Eon responded to this question with a “No.” When asked if he loves his mom, Seo Eon firmly replied, “Yes!”

Lee Hwi Jae asked one more time whether Seo Eon liked him, completely surprised, and Seo Eon responded again, “No.” The upset Lee Hwi Jae grabbed Seo Eon by the lapels of his shirt, saying, “Seo Eon, you’re kind of hurting my feelings a little bit.”

Watch the hilarious clip below.

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