T-ara’s Fan Sites Apologize for Misunderstanding Members’ Behavior During “Idol Star Athletics Championships” Filming

Earlier, T-ara made headlines in the Korean media when allegations against them came forth from some of their fan sites that the group ignored their fans during the first day of filming of the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” that took place yesterday.

Group T-ara, who recently made a comeback with “So Crazy,” is one of many idol groups participating in MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” The filming of the show takes place over two days and after the August 10 filming, a couple of well-known fan sites for the members of T-ara complained on Twitter and announced that sites were going on hiatus, claiming that the members didn’t show their faces, kept their backs to them, and didn’t provide service to the fans that were there to support them despite the exhausting schedule of the filming.

t-ara fan sites tweets

The local Korean media soon found out about this conflict and reported on the alleged bad behavior of the members and their fans turning their backs on the group. In response to these reports, other fans of T-ara identified different fan accounts and evidence of T-ara’s good fan service and tried to explain what really happened. This has resulted in the original fan sites that complained to issue a statement apologizing for their misunderstanding- that they didn’t realize that it was their location and the members’ location during one of the matches that made it seem like that the fans were being ignored and that because of their exhaustion after following the group for several days for different activities, their judgement was blurred and they left before seeing the members come to greet the fans. They asked for the T-ara members’ forgiveness and stated that they will accept any criticism against them but hopes none will be directed toward T-ara.

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