Wonder Girls Discuss Yeeun’s Refreshing Personality

On her August 11 appearance of “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date,” Yeeun of Wonder Girls said that she tends to speak logically. Yubin agreed, saying “Yeeun is very good at speaking to convince others. She is so logical, and I can never beat her in debates.”

Yeeun responded, “I do tend to speak logically, and win most arguments with Yubin. Later, I realize that Yubin was actually right, and I feel really bad.”

Park Kyung Lim asked Yeeun, “Is it true that if there is a problem, then you go directly to the company as Wonder Girls’ representative?” Yeeun said, “I am really impatient and I hate it when things drag on. I don’t remember what the most recent suggestion was, because I usually make about ten suggestions a day.”

Park Kyung Lim remarked, “Now I know why your manager looks so tired.”

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