The CEO of FNC Entertainment Has Celebrity Disease?

On the August 11 live episode of Naver V App Special “FNC Outing,” many popular artists belonging to FNC Entertainment, including FTISLAND, CNBLUE, N.Flying, Juniel, and AOA made an appearance.


Jung Hyung Don, who also recently joined FNC as an entertainer, was the MC of the episode. He received a shock during the airing of the show because the CEO of FNC Entertainment, Han Sung Ho, arrived in person for the filming. He said, “The CEO decided to visit our show,” leading to a nervous titter among the artists.

Jung Hyung Don tried to relax the atmosphere, joking, “Your CEO must have celebrity disease.” He added, “Everyone looks so nervous as soon as you entered. You should probably leave,” leading everyone to laugh, and thawing the atmosphere.

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