Tiffany Shows Off Her Korean Abilities on “Channel Girls’ Generation”

On the August 11 episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” the members of Girls’ Generation had a conversation on Tiffany‘s Korean abilities.

Tiffany said of her Korean, “I think I’m about advanced intermediate.” The members of Girls’ Generation also agreed, saying, “Tiffany’s Korean improved so much that she can even write lyrics in Korean.”

Following this conversation, it was decided that there will be a quiz on Tiffany’s Korean abilities. One of the words to which Tiffany had to guess the meaning was “nongbeongi,” which means a very busy time for farmers (“nong” means agriculture, “beon” means busy, and “gi” means time.) Tiffany guessed the correct meaning, although she substituted the meaning for “beon” with “lightning quick.”

Although her reasoning wasn’t entirely correct, she was lucky!

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