Baechigi Considers EXID’s Solji to Be One of the Best Idol Singers

Baechigi made an appearance on the August 11 episode of “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” and talked about EXID‘s Solji, who was the featuring artist on their new single “Shut Up.

Kim Chang Ryul asked Baechigi why they had asked Solji to be on their single. Moowoong responded, “The CEO of our entertainment company chose her. We were not sure at the beginning, then we saw her on ‘King of Mask Singer,’ then we knew that she was the one.”

Moowoong also complimented Solji by saying, “Working with her was great. I think that she must be one of the best singers among the idol groups.”

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Check out one of Solji’s performances from “King of Mask Singer.”