Lee Jong Suk Receives Casting Offer for Upcoming Drama

Lee Jong Suk has received a casting offer for the upcoming medical drama “Beautiful Mind” (working title). The role involves being a doctor named Lee Young Oh who is described as a genius neurosurgeon.

Despite being a skilled neurosurgeon, Lee Young Oh is a dangerous and lonely man due to his frontal lobe disorder. Apparently, the actor is described as a good fit for the role due to his handsome looks and ability to portray a cold personality. Lee Jong Suk has previously acted as a doctor in “Doctor Stranger.”

Having acted in a string of successful dramas including “School 2013,” “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “Doctor Stranger,” and “Pinocchio,” the actor is highly sought after.

The actor’s agency commented, “It is true that he received an offer from ‘Beautiful Mind.’ However, his appearance has not been confirmed. It is one among multiple projects that [he] is considering.”

Previously known as “Dr. Frankenstein,” the drama has changed its name to “Beautiful Mind.” The drama is currently discussing broadcasting schedules with KBS.

Would you like to see him in this drama?

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