Breaking: Topp Dogg’s Kidoh and Gohn Reportedly Make Official Complaint Against Stardom Entertainment for Mismanagement

According to local media reports, Topp Dogg members Kidoh and Gohn have made official complaints against the group’s agency, Stardom Entertainment, for mistreatment and issues with income distribution.

Star News reports that Kidoh and Gohn have sent Stardom a contents certification mail of the complaint document. A contents certification mail essentially makes the post office a third party witness of communication between two agents in case of a legal battle ahead. Such a mail signals that there may be official legal conflict coming if Kidoh and Gohn do not reach a settlement with Stardom outside the court.

Previously, Stardom Entertainment, which was established rapper and producer Cho PD, experienced similar conflict regarding management and income distribution with group Block B, resulting in the group leaving the agency and signing with Seven Seasons.

Stardom Entertainment has so far stated that it is looking into the matter.

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Update (same day):

Hunus Entertainment stated that they never received such a document from Kidoh and Gohn and that the two are preparing, along with the other Topp Dogg members, for an October comeback.

Hunus is officially ToppDogg’s management label after it announced in July that it would be taking over management of Stardom Entertainment.

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