Film “Assassination” Being Sued for 10 Billion Won in Plagiarism Lawsuit

The movie “Assassination,” which has attracted nearly 10 million viewers so far, has been swept up in a plagiarism lawsuit.

According to the court, writer Choi Jong Lim, aged 64, filed a complaint which alleges that “Assassination” is a plagiarism of his novel. His lawsuit asks for 10 billion won (approximately $8.5 million USD) in damages, against the director Choi Dong Hun, the producing company, and the distributor. The lawsuit also asks that the movie stops its showings immediately, and the result of this request will be known on August 13.

“Assassination” has a female assassin as the main character, and a famous Korean rebel, Kim Gu, sends assassins to kill Japanese officials. Choi Jong Lim alleges that both of these elements were plagiarized from his novel.

The producers of “Assassination” have refuted his claims, saying that assassination was a well-known tactic against Japan in the Korean independence movement, and that the main character in the novel is not really an assassin.

What are your thoughts on this case?

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