Plagiarism Case on Park Jin Young’s “Someday” Continues

The plagiarism suit concerning Park Jin Young‘s song “Someday” from drama “Dream High” continues.

On August 13, the Supreme Court of Korea sent the case back to the High Court of Seoul, asking them to re-consider the case in the appeals court. Park Jin Young and Kim Shin Il will once again argue their cases in front of the High Court of Seoul.

In 2011, Kim Shin Il alleged that Park Jin Young has plagiarized his song “To My Man,” which was released in 2005 and sung by the singer Ash, and asked for 110 million KRW (about $93,000 USD) in damages.

In the first trial, the court ruled in favor of Kim Shin Il, ruling that Park Jun Young pay him 21 million KRW (about $17,000 USD). When Park Jin Young appealed the decision, the appeals court ruled that Park Jin Young pay about 57 million KRW. Park Jin Young has appealed this decision again.

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