“Infinity Challenge” Cleans Up the Trash After Music Festival as Promised

After the the 2015 “Infinity Challenge” music festival ended on August 13, images of the aftermath started to circulate online, showing the incredible amount of trash the spectators, numbering around 40,000, left behind.

infinity challenge music festival 2015 trash

Producer Kim Tae Ho, who is in charge of the popular MBC variety show, promised that the trash will be cleaned up. The show had already employed trash cleaning services, as well as the show staff, to make sure the garbage was cleaned up, but they had to hire more as the amount of spectators increased and their trash piled up.

Recently, the show’s official Twitter account uploaded before and after images of the Pyeongchang Alpensia Resort area where the festival took place that shows the progress of cleaning.

Infinity challenge music festival trash before and after

The “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival takes place every two years and this year’s is the show’s fourth. The 2015 Yeongdong Expressway Infinity Challenge Music Festival’s featured artists were Park Jin YoungYoon SangIUBIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang, band Hyukoh, and Zion.T collaborating with the cast members of the show. Source (1) (2) (3)