“Six Flying Dragons” Confirms Cast, Including Kim Myung Min, Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and More

SBS‘ upcoming drama “Six Flying Dragons” has finalized its casting.

“Six Flying Dragons” will be a faction historical drama about six characters who played a pivotal role in the founding of the Joseon dynasty. Three of the characters, Jung Do Jun, Lee Bang Won, and Lee Sung Kye, will be actual historical figures, while the other three, Boon Yi, Lee Bang Ji, and Moo Hyool will be fictional characters.

Kim Myung Min has been cast as Jung Do Jun, while Yoo Ah In has been cast as Lee Bang Won. Shin Se Kyung will play his love interest Boon Yi, while Byun Yo Han will portray a swordsman named Lee Bang Ji. Yoon Kyun Sang will play another swordsman Moo Hyool. Chun Ho Jin will portray the first King of Joseon, Lee Sung Kye.

“Six Flying Dragons” is slated for an October premiere on SBS.

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