“King of Mask Singer” Contestant Blue Crab Is Leeteuk’s Ideal Type, Picks Leeteuk as “We Got Married” Partner

King of Mask Singer” has, more than any other show, become a discovery platform for not only idols with singing talent — talent that inadvertently fails to shine through many idol group songs — but also actors and actresses. The recent August 16 broadcast of the show was no different, revealing an up-and-coming model-actress, who sang under the name “Blue Crab Holding Flowers” (a play on the word for blue crab and flowers), to have impressive singing talent, enough for the judges to say amongst themselves during a performance that they are pretty sure the performer is a singer, though they had no idea who she might be.

Watch her performances:

When the singer was later revealed to be model and actress Lee Sung Kyung, who fans may have seen in “Queen’s Flower” or “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” the crowd and the panel — who was guessing entirely in the direction of female idols — goes wild and jaws drop. 

Even more of a treat is when host Kim Sung Joo asks Super Junior Leeteuk, who is on the panel, “Did you or did you not say during a team dinner that your ideal type is Lee Sung Kyung?”

leeteuk king of mask singer ideal type

Leeteuk, whose ears turn a bright red, says, “Yes, I believe so.” 

Lee Sung Kyung, when asked, responds with a big smile, “Of course, it’s an honor.”

When Kim Sung Joo then asks Lee Sung Kyung to choose between Leeteuk and B1A4 Sandeul for a “We Got Married” partner, she picks Leeteuk.

Regarding how she came to appear on the show, she says, “Because I’m always singing, people around me asked if I shouldn’t go on ‘King of Mask Singer,’ and because it’s something that I really enjoy, I thought I could just have fun with it.”

king of mask singer lee sung kyung

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