Cute vs. Sexy: Which Image Best Suits These K-Pop Idols?

There seems to be no end of the many gorgeous guys out there in the K-pop world. With each new album or comeback, the artists tend to update their look in order to present a different concept. They might choose a sexy concept or even a classic, manly concept.  Whether you’re a fan of the good boy image or the bad boy image, the sweet and innocent look or the dark and mysterious look, it is likely that your tastes change depending on which idol is in question. Want to let your opinion finally be heard? Want to let these idols’ stylists know which look their fans prefer? Then, let’s get busy and vote on “Cute vs. Sexy: Which Image Best Suits These K-Pop Idols?”

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Which one of these singers (and subsequent concept) is your favorite? Do you generally prefer the cute image or the sexy concept? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for participating!

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