Han Ye Seul and Jung Ryeo Won Are Best Friend Cover Models for Cosmopolitan

Actresses Han Ye Seul and Jung Ryeo Won have been revealed to be the cover models for Cosmopolitan magazine’s special 15-year anniversary issue.

Known for being close friends, the pair flaunt bohemian-esque twin looks as well as individual charms in their pictorial.

Jung Ryeo Won Han Ye Seul

The actresses also partake in an accompanying interview and discuss their thoughts on being cover models together. Jung Ryeo Won comments, “It’s more special since I’m with Ye Seul. I think it will be a great memory.” Likewise, Han Ye Seul reflects, “We talked about making it fun. The concept also suits us perfectly.”

Han Ye Seul

Reviewing their bohemian photo shoot concept, Jung Ryeo Won says, “Don’t all women dream of taking a romantic road trip? But I think we’d get in trouble if we really went looking like this.” Han Ye Seul then divulges, “I was reminded of the time when we went to Japan together. Next time, I’d like to go somewhere in Northern Europe and maybe Paris, London, or Italy. Agreeing wholeheartedly, Jung Ryeo Won replies, “I think it’d be really fun to go to Europe together. Hmm… Spain sounds good, too. Ye Seul and I have different tastes, but I think Spain would suit both of us well.”

Jung Ryeo Won

Their interviewer expresses surprise that the two actresses are close friends due to their differences. Han Ye Seul states, “I’m more extroverted while Ryeo Won is more introverted. If I get stressed, I get it rid of it quickly. On the other hand, Ryeo Won thinks about it deeply and carefully accepts it. However, we are similar in the inside. Should I describe it as our souls being similar colors? I think our insides can be considered as being the same category.” Also, Jung Ryeo Won explains, “A lot of the things we like match well. We first met at a party in 2005. It had been five years since I had come from Australia and it hadn’t been long since Ye Seul came from the U.S. It was so comfortable being able to converse with her in English and Korean.”

Jung Ryeo Won Han Ye Seul behind the scenes

More of their photo shoot and interview can be found in the September issue of Cosomopolitan.

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