A Pink’s Eunji Talks About Being a Sung Si Kyung Lookalike

A Pink‘s Jung Eunji made an appearance on “1 vs. 100“, along with tenor Kim Dong Kyu, to compete in a game of trivia.

On this episode, MC Jo Woo Jong asked, “I heard that Eunji’s appearance at debut was very similar to Sung Si Kyung.”

Eunji said, “Yes, Sung Si Kyung knows too. When we met, he said, ‘I heard that you are my younger sister.’ You can search for Sung Si Kyung and Jung Eunji on any search engine.”

Looking back at when she debuted, she said, “I made it to the stage only two months after I passed the auditions. I was so lucky. Of course, I also practiced a lot, but without luck, I wouldn’t be here.”

When asked to share tips on how to sing well on the stage, Eunji said, “I enjoy the tension that comes from nervousness. But to my friends, I advise them to pretend that they’re in their most comfortable place, and to pretend that there is no audience. You only think about interacting with the audience when you’re used to their presence.”

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