Im Ji Yeon of “High Society” Evaluates Her Looks

Actress Im Ji Yeon, who recently appeared in the drama “High Society,” took part in a photo shoot for @star1 magazine. In the interview after the shoot, she was asked whether she was unhappy with any of her features. She responded, “There are a few things that I don’t like, but I am satisfied with my looks.” She added, “I think my face is not typical of actresses, which gives me an edge.”

The actress was then asked, “You have a very outgoing personality. Where does it come from?” She answered, “My whole family is very extroverted and fun. I am the second of three children, so I received love from many people. I have a lot of affection and smile a lot.”


Her full pictorial which is themed “Autumn, Flowers, and Im Ji Yeon” will be available starting August 24.

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