T-ara Tackles Tile Smashing Challenge on “A Song For You”

The producers of the program “A Song For You” released some teaser images of T-ara members trying to break tiles, Taekwondo-style. This will be T-ara’s first appearance on the show, so they say they will succeed in order to be able to sing. However, they are requested to break tiles.

The members of T-ara do not shy away from the challenge, but it isn’t easy. T-ara places their hope in Boram, who is the smallest yet most powerful member.

T-ara will also reveal their best friends in the upcoming episode. During the phone quiz corner, Hyomin places a phone call to her close friend Yuri of Girls’ Generation. Soyeon called senior singer Jang Soo Won, but towards the end of the call, Jang Soo Won’s close friend MC Kangin also took part in the call leading everyone to laugh out loud.

To find out whether they are successful in their endeavors, watch this episode of “A Song for You” when it airs on August 23 at 11:55 p.m. KST.

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