Kim Sung Min Pleads for Leniency at His Trial for Drug Charges

On August 19, prosecutors asked for actor Kim Sung Min, who is on trial for drug trafficking and use of illegal drugs, to be sentenced to two years in prison. They also asked for a fine of 1.7 million KRW (approx. $1437 USD). The prosecution said, “Although Kim Sung Min appears repentant, he committed these crimes during a probationary period and should be prosecuted for these serious crimes.” During his final plea Kim Sung Min said, “I am sorry. I am deeply repentant.”

Kim Sung Min was arrested this past March, for using and smuggling methamphetamine. He has pleaded guilty to most of the charges, and has written two lengthy letters asking for forgiveness. His wife has also written a letter asking for leniency.

The actor has been arrested in the past, for smuggling and using marijuana in 2008 and 2009. Although he appeared on a talk show in 2013, apologizing for his behaviors, he was arrested again.

His final trial and sentencing is scheduled to take place on September 2.

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