Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Explains Her Approach to Dating on “Radio Star”

On August 19’s episode of “Radio Star,” Girls’ Generation member Seohyun talks about why we don’t hear about her dating life.

The hosts start out by saying they heard that Seohyun has strict rules for how she lives her life, including that she won’t get involved romantically with someone without thinking about it deeply.

“It would be good if Seohyun would just date,” says Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun with a sigh. “In SM Entertainment, there’s a lot of people who worry because Seohyun doesn’t date at all.”


Seohyun says, “I never talk about my dating life. Even if I’m seeing someone, I don’t talk about it. I hate it when rumors start up [about my relationships].”

As the hosts then give her (often conflicting) advice about dating, Seohyun is asked if it’s true that she’s never been in a relationship.


She denies it, and then admits that she’s had a “some” relationship before, which refers to the romantic “something” you feel for someone prior to dating.


“It’s a relief that you’ve had a ‘some’ relationship,” says Kyuhyun, which makes Seohyun laugh and say “That’s a little weird.”


The hosts then ask her why those relationships have never progressed into something more. “Our personalities are too different, or no matter how hard I try to make them match, it’s really difficult,” she explains, and adds that she thinks people can’t change each other for the long term.

Host Yoon Jong Shin says it’s possible that Seohyun will find herself falling for someone despite her intentions not to. Seohyun hesitates, and Kyuhyun interrupts to say, “Seohyun doesn’t seem like the kind of person who just falls head over heels for someone.”


Kim Gu Ra adds, “From what I can see, she’s someone who loves herself the most.” Seohyun bursts out laughing at this.


Be sure to watch this week’s episode of “Radio Star” for more about Seohyun!

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