Youtubers Live: VIXX Concert With JREKML!

Welcome to Youtubers Live, where K-pop Youtubers transit from on-screen to off-screen to recap and relive some of the greatest shows put on by your favorite celebs!

In this special first edition, JREKML – well known for their quirky personalities and music video reactions – visited Orlando, Florida to catch VIXX live in concert. Besides watching some of their favorite songs come to life (involving an awesome 6-man body roll and an impeccable Ravi twirl), the power duo also got a taste of fame when they were spotted by a crowd of fans in the venue!

Be sure to also click through the gallery for more photos of the night, courtesy of Jazzy Group US, and stay tuned for an interview with VIXX themselves!

VIXX First Showcase in Orlando 1

VIXX First Showcase in Orlando 3

VIXX First Showcase in Orlando 6

VIXX First Showcase in Orlando 5