CL Opens Up About Upcoming U.S. Album With InStyle

CL recently held a photo shoot and interview with InStyle magazine in Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills. According to the magazine, despite her busy schedule touring and preparing for her U.S. debut album, the star was full of energy when she met the staff members.
The photo shoot features the 2NE1 member in a more feminine and glamorous concept. Staff members were said to have enjoyed working with her due to her polite and humble attitude even though the photo shoot was quite long and involved numerous outfit changes.
When asked about her U.S. album set to be released in mid-September, the star joked, “Isn’t it no fun if you know beforehand?” She continued, “Scooter Braun made me promise to protect myself. [He advised] that just because I’m promoting in the U.S. doesn’t mean I need to change my style. [He] wanted me to show my self as is.”
She reveals, “This album will not be like the CL people know from 2NE1. It will be the most CL-esque album thus far.”
The singer will reveal more stories about her celebrity friends, how she maintains her hair color, exercise techniques, and more in the September issue of InStyle magazine.
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